July 22, 2020

We’re on Netflix! Excited to announce that our six-time award-winning film ‘The Remix: Hip Hop X Fashion’, co-produced by Cuter Productions EP, Hillary Cutter is streaming NOW. Thank you to MCM Worldwide, Tribeca Studios and Cortés Films for this unbelievable opportunity and to the fearless all-female team that brought this dream to life. 

“I’m always asked, how do you find women?” EP Hillary Cutter told the Hollywood Reporter , “It’s not hard, we’re all here, we’re just never hired.” But that was then and this is now. Telling a story [like Remix] about diverse women artists needed to be created BY diverse women artists. A concept our industry still struggles to understand. We’re proud to report that we curated a 90% female crew, from producers to DPs, editors and sound mixers!

This groundbreaking documentary celebrates the momentous cultural impact of female designers in hip hop, like Misa Hylton and April Walker along with their male allies – Dapper Dan and Kerby-Jean Raymond, on mainstream fashion and culture. 

Brought to life by: Director/Producer, Lisa Cortés, Director/Editor, Farah X and Story Producer/EP,  Mary Nittolo