Enlightening Panel at Promax BDA conference
June 14, 2018

If you want some guidance into the inner-workings of a production company, then you should check out the June 2018 PromaxBDA conference where our Executive Producer Hillary Cutter spoke and provided insight into navigating the industry as a small business owner. She was joined on a panel entitled “Put Down The Knives,” by Maria Rapetskaya of Undefined Creative, Joanna Katcher of Nice Manners, and  Michael Kardis of Goodbeard, as they addressed a range of topics such as collaborating with a team, investing in your firm, and how to disclose information to clients. We can’t wait to collaborate with Undefined Creative, Nice Manners, and Goodbeard more in the future!

Couldn’t make it to the panel? Don’t worry, you can watch part of it here!